His filmography includes over 50 documentaries and numerous full-length motion pictures. In 1998 he was the first cinematographer to experiment with digital filming techniques applied to cinema and lighting. He was a pupil of Vittorio Storaro and has worked with the likes of Giuseppe Bertolucci, Bernardo Bertolucci, Marco Bellocchio, Daniele Segre, Carmine Amoroso, Mimmo Calopresti, Marco S. Puccioni, Giorgio Treves, Michele Fornasero, Simone Catania. He has made numerous full-length films, including: WHAT DO YOU LOOKING FOR by Marco S. Puccioni (best cinematography at the European Film Cinema Festival in Lecce), COVER BOY: THE LAST REVOLUTION (2008) by Carmine Amoroso (best cinematography at Valencia Festival of Mediterranean Cinema) FATTI DELLA BANDA DELLA MAGLIANA (2005) by Daniele Costantini ( winner of the prestigious A.I.C. award for best cinematography) SLEEPING AROUND (2008) by Marco Carniti (best cinematography at Ibiza International film festival) SMOKINGS (2015) by Michele Fornasero (won C-Side Productions Postproduction Prize at Nyon Visions du Réel and Audience Award at Doc/it Professional Award 2015) and PORNO & LIBERTA’(2016) a film documentary by Carmine Amoroso (won a silver ribbon best documentary 2017) presented at Rotterdam film Festival 2016 and sell in 15 country in the world.

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